Your employment agreements may need updating

An important reminder that:

  • 90-day trial periods are now restricted to employers with less than 20 employees. Employers who can no longer use 90-day trial periods should consider a robust probationary period provision;
  • the requirements around meal and rest breaks are now more prescriptive;
  • employers will need to provide new employees covered by the 30-day rule with the “approved active choice form” (which MBIE has recently released), within the first ten days of employment; and
  • domestic violence leave and flexible working for employees affected by domestic violence was introduced by the Domestic Violence Victims’ Protection Act 2018, and has now been in force since 1 April. 

Given the many recent changes in employment law, now is an opportune time for employers to review their employment agreements to ensure they are up to date. 

Author: Aishleen Sluiters, Managing Barrister 

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