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Negotiations AND Mediation

Our team at Edwards Law has extensive experience in negotiations and mediations, all attending mediation with our clients on a regular basis. Mediation is the primary method for resolving employment relationship matters under the Employment Relations Act 2000.

Mediation services are provided by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment across various locations in New Zealand. This is a funded service which you may seek our representation at or assistance in preparing for.

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Attendance at mediation is a regular practice for the team at Edwards Law and we can effectively represent you in negotiating a settlement that satisfies you and resolves your employment issue. Informal in nature, mediation allows for open and frank discussion that encourages the resolution of all matters between the parties.

Alternatively, parties may prefer to negotiate outside of mediation, often through their representatives. Our team is committed to strongly advocating our client’s position and providing robust advice as to strategy and next steps, at every stage of the negotiation process.









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