Restraints of Trade

During the course of employment, an employee will become privy to sensitive and confidential information relating to the employer’s business and may be in a position to create and develop relationships on behalf of the employer with clients and other business associates.

If you wish to protect your company’s legitimate proprietary interests, we can assist in drafting a suitable restraint of trade tailored to the specific employment relationship and your industry. It is common to have a restraint of trade that comes into force upon termination of employment.

effective and

strategic advice

The scope and duration of a restraint may vary depending on the proprietary interest requiring protection and must be reasonable (no further than is necessary to protect the legitimate proprietary interests of the company).

Alternatively, if you have a restraint of trade in your employment agreement and need to negotiate or litigate your position or the restraint of trade’s validity, get in contact with us for effective and strategic advice.









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