Employment Law

Collective Bargaining And Union Access Issues

Collective bargaining is the negotiation between unions and employers to come to an agreement on terms and conditions of employment. The Edwards Law team has vast experience with collective bargaining and are well qualified to provide assistance during the bargaining process.

Our expertise in this area includes:

  • advising on the legal process/requirements for bargaining;
  • developing a bargaining strategy;
  • providing information on the current bargaining environment and trends; and
  • leading negotiations for employers during this process.

We have vast experience

And knowledge in this process

In addition to this, we can advise you on all aspects of the union process, from union meetings to union access, strikes and lockouts.

We are familiar with the legislative requirements surrounding union involvement in the workplace and can work with you to find a practical solution to any query.

Collective bargaining, agreements, and union presence in the workplace is a complex process, however, we have vast experience and specialist knowledge that can assist your business.









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