Employment Law

Personal Grievances

Personal grievance claims can be disruptive and costly to an employer, particularly if it is your first time dealing with one. It is important in these situations to be both communicative and responsive in a timely manner. 

A personal grievance is a claim raised by an employee, usually as a result of an employment relationship problem. Typically, if an employee believes they have been unjustifiably dismissed or unjustifiably disadvantaged in their employment, they can raise a grievance. An employee has 90 days to raise a personal grievance from the date the grievance occurred or from when it first came to the employee’s attention. Once the 90-day limit has expired, the employer generally does not need to consider the grievance, except for in exceptional circumstances.



Our expert team is here to help. We have assisted many employers and employees with grievances across the board, including dismissals, constructive dismissals, disadvantages, harassment, and discrimination claims.

Our approach is to work towards resolving the matter, which may involve reaching a settlement, leaving litigation, and filing proceedings as a last (although sometimes necessary) resort.









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