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Disciplinary Process

Dealing with disciplinary issues in the workplace can be tricky. You may have become aware of incidents that could constitute misconduct (serious or otherwise), or you may want to prepare your business by introducing a seamless disciplinary process. Either way, ensuring compliance with a fair procedure will help to mitigate any actions arising from this process that may be viewed as unjustified.

Our expert team can provide assistance to you depending on your preference for involvement and the complexity of the matter. This could range from providing best practice guidance or drafting template documents to an active involvement in the process, including attendance at disciplinary meetings.

Alternatively, if you are an employee that has been called to a disciplinary meeting, we can assist you through that process. We can advocate strongly for you and voice/communicate your responses in the best possible way.

training and


Edwards Law also offers training and guidance to HR teams on the disciplinary process, along with custom template documents.

Our team can become as involved as you would like, either behind the scenes or provide more in-depth advice and active representation.









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