Minimum wage increase

From 1 April 2024, the adult minimum wage rate is set to increase from $22.70 per hour to $23.15 per hour – an increase of 2%.

The starting out and training minimum wage rates are also set to increase by 2%, from $18.16 per hour to $18.52 per hour. 

As always, employers must ensure that their employees receive no less than the minimum wage for each hour they work.  So, before 1 April 2024, employers should check their payroll systems to ensure the increased minimum wage rate will be implemented.

It is especially important to check any employees who receive a Total Remuneration package (meaning that their KiwiSaver is paid inclusively as part of their remuneration, not deducted from their remuneration), as their pay less the compulsory employer KiwiSaver contribution must not be less than the minimum wage rate.

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